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S2E2: After a 2.5 year hiatus, the team is back! Part 2 of 2


Co-hosts Bill Kasko and Tyler Kern are joined with guests David Cerami & Mike Cook as they kick off People Process Service for a brand new season. Part 2 of a 2-part conversaion.

No matter the industry leaders need to hold these things dear. Who we serve, how we serve, Why we serve. This is People Process Service, a frontline Source group podcast. Welcome to part two of our two part series here on People Process Service. If you missed the previous episode, we recommend you go back and check it out and now on with the show. So how did you figure out the process part? Then? In the in the industry life? And I suppose it like the more that we have talked about this over the years, and it has been years since our last episode, but I've always wondered, like for each person, there's probably you know, if you think of each one as a as a different bucket or as a circle or whatever. People probably have bigger circles for certain certain items, right, Like like my my people items people circles probably bigger because that's just what I like to do. But my process one is small because I'm not super analytical and not great. But I think it's part of life, right, I mean I think that as you go through life, you start to learn sometimes what not to do. Like often stories or people go to work for a company, they're like, what would you learn from that? And you go, Oh, let me tell you. I learned what not to do, and that's a bigger winning than to learn what actually to do. And as you go through, as you age, you become wiser. That's the stupid thing where you're like, oh, yeah, thanks for telling me that, But it's true. And as you go through age, you you become wiser. I mean, I remember last time we were all together. I think you guys have just got your dog and you were sending your dog to training. Yeah, we send our dog to dog training the same same place that Kyle noon and the guy from the Rustic can. I still see him there occasion, So you're still going to take your dog back? Didn't work out? We we go for It's I like to think of it's like a continuing education. You never stopped learning, it's start. It's a process how it's genius comes up with the idea to build the Rustic and the MutS, the outdoor place. Yeah. But I think as you go through, whether it's getting a dog or getting a wife or getting kids, I mean you you start to change. And I will tell you a dent there. I'm not the same guy that I was when Mike and I were assistant managers. I'm not the same guy was when Dave and I were at Robert Half. Yeah, And I'm the same guy when Shelley when I started the company. You start learning and you change, and so that's how you learn a different process of your life because you're living life and you're learning what not to do, and you go through that and those ups and downs and then you start finding out what works. But part of that also is the people you surround yourself with. It's the people that are in that circle. And as you get older, that circle gets smaller and smaller and way smaller. It's not as large as it was back then. Because you understand who you want to be around you. You recognize, I'm not gonna waste my time around this person who's sucking the life out of me, or is absolutely no fun, or they're just whatever it may be. You don't want that anymore, and so that's when you start to really change everything that starts happening around you. To me, that's what it is. And so there's not like a one time that you there's not an aha moment, but there are different moments. I mean, and I can remember we've when we had our kids were young, and and my siblings would always giving me a hard time and say, why can't you guys go out anymore? Why can't you go on vacations. I'm like, because we got kids, I can't. We can't. We gotta go home. I gotta feed him, we gotta do it stuff like I gotta let them outside, you know. Yeah. And then today they all have kids, and I'm like, hey, why can't you guys say, well, we've got kids, we gotta do this this and ours are growing and gone, like get him into college. I'm like, let's see what it's like remember those days. So that's as you change, as you...

...progress. But yeah, that's interesting. The process is always the hardest for me to I think talk like find ways to talk about and ask questions about and that sort of thing, because but I think for them, like for Dave, you know, if if if we think about or you can obviously talk about this better than I can, but talk about the way that you you were living your life today, how it's changed the process, what you go through every day, you know. Goodness, man, I mean there's a lot to it. I mean he's got a newborn at home, so I mean it's a lot different. I don't even know where to start. I do definitely agree that, and Shelley can attest to this. We are absolutely way different than we were when we first started this thing. We were so and I was telling somebody to I think it was I don't know who, maybe somebody we were interviewing. We're so rigid and everything we did and it was just like this. When I was the last I wasn't gonna say that. So, you know, there's been a couple of times where in his office and he goes to answer the phone and it's somebody, and I'm just like, oh, here it comes, here, it comes, and then it never comes because he you know, he's different now, we all are, and you know, and back when when he pitched the idea to come work for him and all that, and you know, I looked at him and I said, you know, man, we we've done some really cool stuff and we've done some dumb stuff. We've we've both made some not very good decisions, and we've both probably made maybe a couple of times not such good decisions towards each other. But the cool thing about it is, like he said, before you grow and you learn everybody does. But more importantly, it's what you do with that experience. It's it's do you get something out of it, and do you remember it? Do you retain it? And then do you do you make a point to be different. And I don't think it's just something that's innate that all of a sudden, no, I just changed. I think you've learned and you make a point to be different. And maybe not whether it's I don't know, whether you're short with somebody who's not getting something you're trying to tell him, you just relax a little bit. And I think with age and maturity. He mentioned. We have a newborn and uh, she's the She's the most laid back, easy going baby, except when she gets hungry, she's wet. But compared to my other two, she's been great. And I really think, and I've told everybody here that I think she senses that, you know, our stress levels because we're at a different point in our life, our life pressures are different. It's like I said before, I'm having fun. It's not so much the chase of the dollar and the chase of the promotion or this or not. I'm looking at work differently. I'm looking at life differently, and she feels it, so she's more relaxed. I mean that I really believe that I'm cranky when I'm wet and hungry. I don't like wet underwear either. You're right, but no, it I think we're just all calmer in much more patient. Um, you know, there's things that we probably all do now that we're wait, we give a lot more slack than we ever would have. But well, not Shelley, She's always been great. But but no, the process is definitely different and it's much more enjoyable now than than what and it's continually to be more enjoyable. But do you think today the way that you live your life and what you do, you've got a process to that the way you do things. Honestly, it's just it's it's much more intentional now for obvious reasons. I definitely look at a value people more. I value my relationships more. My daught are unexpectedly passed away in so obviously it changes your outlook on things. And if you know, I tell people they think I'm weird. But there are positives from that, and one of them is that that I value people or situations more than I ever did. I don't take things for granted as much or excuse me, I realize that I was, you know, I didn't notice things like I... now. I enjoy things a little longer now that maybe I did. You know, that's cool. Look, let's go. You know, that's cool. Le's let's move to the next thing. What's the next excitement? Now it's a little more relaxed, I do. I do, you know, so does my wife. And we've always been kind of homebodies and and a little bit lower, you know, laid back. I guess into a lot of the things that we do. I mean, I'm the middle child. I mean, I'm a pleaser. What do you What do you want from me? Make sure everybody's okay? But especially now and and I kind of like it too, like you said, to say were things and to enjoy the moment more. And and maybe it's just a product of getting older. Everybody experiences that. But and maybe when everything happened to us with the least, it just timed up at that time. But I definitely am stopping to smell the roses because you know, you just don't know what tomorrow brings. So I do try to get something every day, something that experience or or you know, whether it's Michael'll come harass him about something and try to learn something or get something from whoever I'm talking to or in this situation. And I enjoy it. I mean, I just try to find a positive and everything. And I used to not I used to not I it's a negative. But I definitely focused on so fast paced and the way it's changed so much. I took more. I took way more, too, many things very personal when I probably didn't need to. And it was like hyper personal to me. And there were little things and uh in all facets and I don't I don't feel that way. I don't feel that too. It does come with when when you're getting older and you start having friends around you too that start passing away and you do realize when it hits home at obviously is it's unbelievable. But we had a friend who we worked with it, Robert Half, who had he was he was a legend in his own mind. It's a huge personality, huge personality. A famous line was I, hey, look, I show up late, but I leave early, you know, And this guy was incredible, And I know I learned a lot from him, actually, and I learned a lot of what not to do such an asshole. But I loved he was. I loved the guy. But during COVID he he had we think, an aneurysm and passed away one evening. And but he was a friend, and it really hit both of us because it was someone who, for one, he had been a neighbor of mine for many, many years. But then we had also had an opportunity to work together at Robert Half Company, trips and stories that are just unbelievable. But you think about again how that happens. Do I need to change? What is there something I need to change? I mean, do I need to I mean quickly? I remember many of our wives calling you get to the doctor, even in physical I mean, it was like all of a sudden, these things started happening, and and part of that was changing the way that we live. But also going back to what you're saying, stopping and smelling the roses. It's I think it's also filtered over into business in the way I talked to clients, and I kind of learned this part from him. But I don't put up with the crap anymore. I don't have It's not that I'm I just I don't. I'll have to, you know, if they try to slant the deal too far in their behalf he was he finally made me understand this okay to say no, I don't have to do that. And it's it's been. It's been. It's been awesome, and it took me a little while to to embrace it. There was many times you don't have to do that. I'm like, what do you mean to do that? It's business, you gotta do it. You you don't. But it took me probably about six months to really but it felt freaking great when I finally just put my arms around It's like, I don't have to do that, and it was it was like this huge weight because for so many years, any any order we felt this in are like... have to work, you have to fill this job. I think that's just the Robert half that drilled it into so much. We didn't want to refuse anything. Even though we knew it was a bad deal, we would still do it. So that part, I guess the process has been well. I think you demanded respect and I think with page we demand respect and we demand that we be t We're willing to compromise, We're willing to negotiate, We're willing to try to make something happen. I'm all four of but I'm not for disrespect, you know. And that's where it goes back to life's too short, my new and the process of life is like, you're not worth my time, and so but I'm willing to compromise with things and I'm willing to make it right. But yeah, it's it's it's that's not what it's about. You're pretty good, you know. We're all been around the block a bunch of times to doing this, so we feel like, you know, we're pretty damn good at what we do. It's worth something and it's a mutual business exchange. But the process that talking about and learning was was very different because that's not that mindset. And if you think about Mike, he's on the customer service end of it, and it's, hey, whatever the customer says, customers always right. The customer is not always right, you know, And the problem is that when they when they feel like you're gonna do exactly what I say, it no that's not how this work. Look the world's changed around us. That never happened, right, Mike. The customer is not always right. Is that I'm frequently a customer, That's what I mean. And I'm also frequently told I'm wrong about this. So do you think that's how I've changed? He is by knowing that maybe they shouldn't say that. But I think that was probably difficult for you to understand and change that. That's that respect becomes absolutely, It's It's been one of those things where Bill has constantly reminded, me, are they respecting you? You deserve more? Um, you know, I, like he said, I was jump over the our customer service, you know, first one in, last one out, whatever it takes. Um. That was just the way we were raised and that mindset. And you know, for years my my wife was introduced as a retail widow, you know, because I wasn't at events. I I chose to stay at the store and work a little more than than be at a function. And for me, that that process of you know, Dave will come by and said, hey, you've done everything you can. Today's time to go home. Back up, let's go. It's just like he'll argue with me. I will and I think you got me right there, and he goes your liar. But you know, it's one of those things. It's really nice too to have been that in early on to where it was just go, go, go, and it was all about providing for my family and I've got to do this to make this and and now to be older, uh, and to realize I may have missed some time with when I he there's no may may have missed some time with my kids. From that mindset. Now with the grandkids, I'm just digging it. I mean I'm there, they can buy. You can still do that great customer service, and I'm learning it. Yeah, but if you know, I can still. And that's the cool part about my line right now is I really enjoyed the grocery business. And I know that sounds weird the retail, but it's in me. I mean, we go on vacation, I'll go look at stores to see the sets, to look I love the season change, you know how the merchandizing, I can we can we get stuff delivered to the office, and the ups guy kind of throws all the boxes in the corner. I'll walk by later and Mike is organized in the boxes. All the labels are the same way. They're all perfectly straight, like what's wrong with you? And he's like, it's it's in me. But but the cool part is I can serve my customers or my clients in that same way, bring what I have from my...

...past and implemented in a in a new way to to continue to serve them. So I'm satisfied. And that's really at the end of the day for me, is to know that I accomplished that I'm by nature I enjoy serving others. I mean, that's just one one thing that that is is instilled in me and as a result, and I can get that same satisfaction from taking care of my client, but just in a new perspective, in a mature person. But it's very interesting because the service part, what Mike hasn't really talked about is it's not just from the business side. Ever. What Mike has done back to the community and and his service back to the community to me was something that I really wasn't aware of until we're regrouped and we're able to reconnect and discuss what you've been doing over the last years. Well, I I served in our our small community. I served on the at the time the Lavan Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors for about eight years. Then I was called to UH to the school board, and I was a school board trustee for community I s D for four years. And now I'm taking my lips and my beating, but I sure to enjoy it. I've been a city council for Levan, City of Levan. I'm on my third or fourth term. But but nonetheless I've really enjoyed it. In that service piece, I find fulfillment. You know, back back when I was in the stores, if you would have said how do you make it work to be successful in the store and provide this? Now, I couldn't have given you an answer. You know. Now I've been able to work in an additional piece, in which is my family. And this, to me is the perfect utopia of I'm really enjoying the life I have. And it's really no nice weekends holiday No. I mean, I still bring that on myself, but it's it's the decision that I make when I want to, and h I really enjoy it. And I never did think about that until you told me I was winter grocery stores slam busy at the holidays. When do you have to be there at the high and every I didn't think about until he told me one day and I went and sitting there and said, damn, he's working all the time on the holidays. So, you know, we just had nine eleven, and I was sharing when people were hearing the news. We had actually gone to Tyler, Texas, and we're at a large store director meeting and uh, we're in the lobby of the hotel and we're watching it. And we'd heard it somewhat on the news coming up, but at that point was still in its infancy, and I really knew what had happened. And we were instructed to go back to our stores and wait for further instruction. And you know, when when people were going home to their family easy in this time, you know, I was at the store. You know, I've got to be counselor if you will, to my employees, to my customers, my guest. Oh yeah, I need to call my family and check on them as well. Well. Even when you told me the story about the huge ice storm right when the city was shut down, he was at the store. Yeah, I slept in our scanning coordinator's office. They weren't there, they couldn't make it in, and there was there was three of us that that spent the night in the store, just to just so you know, when there's an ice storm here. Bill doesn't require that. I know, I know, I said I stayed home free, didn't drive. I mean that service piece of it is something that's interesting when you again dive into those three parts to recognize there's a huge other part that most people wouldn't know that he's giving back. And it's not just like one time. This is an ongoing things consistent and and Dave, you...

...know, Dave and touched on the passing of the lease. Dave and his wife and his wife, they've created a whole organization around her that they give back to the community now, which I think is unbelievable. A little Yeah, it's my wife spearheaded all that. She's the engine and the wheels and everything. I'm a little bit of gas every now and then, but no, she she um the swim Polis Foundation UM we provide water safety awareness education to kids in North Texas for free, and they usually go out in the summers, which is obviously the highest risk time for kids rounding and they go out and they have a really great program that centered around my daughter and what happened to her and water safety and making sure the parents are watching, you know, not on their iPads, are reading a magazine when their kids are in the water, and getting the kids to understand that, you know, when when you're in the water, you're playing, you're having a good time, you have toys everywhere. They associate that as fun. They don't understand how in incredibly dangerous it is. So you know, my daughter drowned and uh, I didn't know all the things we know now about that. That is the number one cause of accident on death between kids between one and four who knew why. Our pediatrician is not talking about it, but my wife has is spending that information trying to educate as many people as possible, and uh it's had a huge impact in the community and some of the feedback that we get it's been fantastic from parents. We do a h five k runs our only source of revenue for the foundation that you know, Bill has always participated in and been a sponsor, even though the first year I didn't know about it, and I really hard to ask your friends that I know. So then the next year I didn't even tell them. I'm like, boom sponsor Yeah. I'm like, he goes, hey did you just I go yeah, I go yeah, Why didn't I know about it? We've done it every year. We'll continue to do you have to ask me because I mean, that's what were you do? I identify with that though, because I uh, it was a learning process for me that an act of service can sometimes be allowing people to serve you when it's needed and when it's necessary and that sort of thing. And I was always I think giving people in my life like the stiff arm sometimes when it came to service because it's like no, I like I got this, but not really realizing it was kind of robbing them of an opportunity to experience like the growth the joy that comes from service. You know. Uh. I wasn't allowing them to be there for me the way I needed people to be there for me at different times or whatever. And so that's been a learning process for me that I'm I'm sure you can relate to it. It's been pretty cool. In fact, we were my son in school every year they give him a free pass to the Hurricane Harbor or white water Wrap whatever that places. And he's like he wants to go, and I'm just like, oh, man, please please let my wife go do this with him. And he's like, no, Dad, we're coming. So I'm like, okay, man, we're gonna go. Put on a good face. Part of the water safety Awareness agram is they have these water watcher tags that cooks children who um partners with us, they provide to us for who's the water watcher. They have to wear this bracelet. So we went there and there were several of those orange bright orange water watcher the kids had on and the parents had on, and I didn't go say anything to them, but I did take some pictures and I was like, how freaking cool is that it's working. It's working, and it's it's you know the old cliche if we could, you know, prevent one person or one family from having experienced what we did, it's true, man, And uh it was. When she gets kind of burnt out on it, she'll get a picture like I showed her, or or she'll get an email or message from a parents saying, hey, you know, my daughter came home talking about a lease and talking about you know, after Watcher and just want to let you know what kind of impact you have. So yeah, from a service, You're right, it's it's been tough, but a really great and rewarding. Again, it's one of those things that it's a positive from that such a huge negative, but it's a positive. And...

I'm glad that. I'm glad my wife keeps that keeps you want to keep doing this. It's hard, but I'm glad she she does it because it's pretty cool. Yeah, you know, And I think that's why these two guys are gonna be great to launch this back again and for us to move forward and have people to come in that we've all been some one of us in some ways been touched by or nose or somehow had a run in over the years to hear their story. And I think that they're going to be able to bring some incredible guests in here to talk about and and share those stories and talk about the same thing and talk about how many of these ideas that we don't know about other people that are are really interesting when you hear about it and drilled down a little bit deeper. Maybe we'll get Michael Gordon to come back I know it would be awesome. I would really like to hear if he like, did he use tell a doctor in COVID? I mean, I just want to know. I don't know they'd be cool. I think I did. Yeah, he must be getting may have had a coupon problem. Has gotten some of my money. I'm sure. I'm sure. Well, guys, has been a fantastic conversation. I've loved, absolutely love getting to know you guys a little bit better and relaunching this thing and really really excited to see how and where it goes from here. So thank you for being a part of this episode of People Process Service and looking forward to many more in the future. Thank you, Thank you. M you've been listening to People Process Service, a Frontline Source Group podcast. Remember to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or wherever you like to get your podcasts. For more information, visit Frontline source group dot com.

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